quasi Studio's First Release

Aero Attack, a retro space shooter

what's it about?

Fly Bob and his shooting plane through space, dodge the floating minions, alien bosses, satellites, and a couple of space cows.

Aero Attack was released on February 20th of 2019. The game was developed and designed by quasiStudio.

It's a game of skill and luck

check out the artwork


minions, cows and Bob

meet the crew


a small sneak peak

goal is bounce minions & cows out of your way, while avoiding space satellites


The Dark Pixel

players will easily switch between the skins which provides an unique gaming experience


Vice Premium Theme

travel to the Vice City with this groovy animated theme!


The Sketch Theme

How different is this! Looks fun, doesn't it?


this is how we do it

Bob's propeller is now moving

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